Picnic Perfect Proposal

Picnic Perfect Proposal
Finding the perfect proposal is an art form...and so is this picnic perfect proposal that incorporates an art activity, cheese tray, and delicious drinks.  It's how my husband proposed to me many years ago.  It's a winning engagement tale, and this picnic basket set sponsored by Wayfair makes it even better!


3D Flower Art Card

Card with 3D flowers in yellow vase

All over pinterest, I have been seeing 3D flower art.  So, when I wanted to make a special thank you card for an amazing friend, I knew that I wanted to try the 3D flower art for myself.  Here is a look at my take on this current trend.

3D Flower Art Supplies

3D Flower Art Supplies

Mini Cardboard Canvas
Straight Edge Cutting Tool
3 Paint Colors of Choice
1 Small Artificial Flower Grouping
Painting Supplies
Letter Stickers
Decorative Tape, like Washi or Scotch Expressions

Step 1

Sketch a vase and table with a pencil.

3D Flower Art Project by HomeMadeville

Step 2

Use straight edge blade to slit open the top of the vase.

Step 3

Paint the wall, table, and vase in different colors.

"Thanks a Bunch" 3D Flower Card by HomeMadeville

Step 4

Stick flowers into slit.  Add decorative tape to the back to hold it in place.

Step 5

Add letter stickers to say whatever you like.  I went for "Thanks a Bunch."

3D Flower Art Card by HomeMadeville

You can personalize the back or add an additional note to express your heartfelt gratitude.  This makes for a great gift for a teacher, parent, friend, co-worker, or another special person in your life.

Happy Crafting!


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Vintage Spy Themed Birthday Party

Vintage Spy decorations on a table - clock, pencils, vintage phone, camera, letter opener

Kids always seem to love a good spy party, and why not?  It is so much fun!  This party has it all --vintage spy decorations, fun spy activities, spy themed food, and of course, an awesome spy party goodie bag.


Girl's Bedroom Styling and Tips

Asian Cherry Blossom Room styling with Flamingos

Styling spaces is one of my favorite DIY projects.  I love the simplicity of finding inexpensive ways to make big updates.  Recently, I worked on a few updates for this Asian cherry blossom and flamingo inspired girl's bedroom.  Who says you can't combine 2 things that don't quite go together into a very cohesive and fun theme?  I'm all about personalizing things to make a happy space, no matter how odd it might seem.  That's why Asian cherry blossoms and flamingos make a perfect pair for this room restyle.