Thanksgiving Casserole

One Dish Thanksgiving Dinner

I don't have to tell you that Thanksgiving is this Thursday!  Since most people enjoy the traditional turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce dinner, I thought it was a great time to introduce you to a casserole that is pretty much Thanksgiving in one dish.  This dish can serve as a substitute if you are in charge of dinner for just one or two, if you just can't wait until Thursday for all those Thanksgiving flavors, or if you have no leftovers and still have those cravings.

Ingredients for Thanksgiving Casserole


1 lb. Ground Turkey
1/2 tspn. Poultry Seasoning (with Sage as one of the ingredients)
6 Servings of Brown Rice (I use instant)
1/2 - 1 Onion, Chopped
3 Cloves of Garlic, Chopped
Shaved Parmesan
Salt and Pepper

Step One
Cook brown rice according to directions on the box, and preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Brown turkey, onions, garlic, & poultry seasoning

Step Two 
Saute ground turkey, onions, garlic, poultry seasoning, salt & pepper, stirring occasionally, until turkey is browned and onions are translucent.

Step Three 

Add a little white wine vinegar to the pan to remove all the browned bits from the bottom, then add the turkey mixture into the rice.  Sprinkle in a couple handfuls of cranraisins into the rice.  I like to make sure that there are plenty of cranberries in each serving.

Step Four 

Put all ingredients into a greased casserole dish, top with shaved parmesan, and bake for 30 minutes.

Thanksgiving Casserole

Enjoy a delicious one dish Thanksgiving dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



New table!

Bedroom Makeover

Happy fall! While y'all were getting wind this past weekend courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, I was getting snow.  Six whole inches of it!!  It was fun and it made the Christmas music I listened to even better!  A while back I bought an old side table from my favorite thrift store.  It looked like this....

Table Before Makeover

Well, not exactly like this because I always seem to forget to take pictures of things before, but it was extremely similar.  I gave it a fresh coat of paint with a little accent of color! I love the way it turned out.

DIY Table Makeover

Yay!  I love pops of color and this table is so refreshing.  The lamp is also a project I worked on.  I found the lamp outside of my apartment complex's dumpster.  It was ugly and brown so I did the fun Pinterest project where you spruce it up with coffee filters.  It took sooooooo long.  That many "o's" are indeed needed.  Here is a picture of my entire room.  I need to get rid of some nik-naks, but I like it for a college apartment bedroom.  My headboard was made by me.  They provided the bed frame but it didn't come with a headboard so I made one out of old barn shutters.

DIY Table & Lamp Makeover

Stay warm!