Get Well Gift Ideas

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Unless you are a doctor or a nurse, you might feel helpless when you find out a friend is at home sick.  You know you can't do anything to take away the sickness, so what do you do to show them you care, while still keeping a safe distance?

Whether you enjoy cooking, baking, crafting, or just want a quick pick up option, here are some porch drop ideas to show someone you care.


Gray and White Modern Bathroom Renovation: Before and After Reveal

The renovation is complete, and my parents' bathroom has been brought into the modern era!  With white and gray tile, warm gray cabinets, the gorgeous Biscotti granite, and some beautiful mirrors, which were sponsored by Wayfair, this bathroom is a show stopper!  I am so excited to share with you the amazing transformation!


A Bathroom Renovation Guide: Selecting, Measuring & Installing


If you've ever renovated a bathroom, then you know there are so many details to take into consideration, like how to choose a shower head, how to measure a shower door, how to measure and choose the right toilet, how to choose the right bathtub, and how to hang that heavy mirror.  Since I have been helping my parents with some design choices for their bathroom renovation, the need for some expert advice on bathroom renovating has come to my attention.  So, I pulled together a few articles that will hopefully give you the basic information you need.  


DIY Copper Pendant Lights

Copper and wood pendant lights with copper pipes attached to wall

Don't you just love when you can breathe new life into something?  I know I do.  Years ago, when my husband and I cleaned out his old house, we found some pendant lights from the house he grew up in.  They were so cool I wanted to revive them.  They've always been in the back of my mind, and over the years, I decided to add copper to make them really pop.  I finally got to the project, so today, I share with you my happy, creative moment.