Vintage Spy Themed Birthday Party

Vintage Spy decorations on a table - clock, pencils, vintage phone, camera, letter opener

Kids always seem to love a good spy party, and why not?  It is so much fun!  This party has it all --vintage spy decorations, fun spy activities, spy themed food, and of course, an awesome spy party goodie bag.

Vintage Spy Party Decorations

Vintage camera, typewriter, stamp pad, glasses, tweezers, magnifying glass as centerpiece for spy party
Spy Party Table Centerpiece

Vintage Telephone         
Vintage Cameras
Vintage Clock                
Crime Scene Tape          
Playing Cards
Magnifying Glass          
Similar Items               

Vintage Spy Centerpiece with clocks, telephones, stampers, glasses, tweezers and more

 I found these fun eye plates that were cute colors and gave the illusion of a spy girl for our place settings.

eye spy party plates with utensils for placesetting
Spy Party Place Setting

Vintage Spy Party Activities

spy party activity folder, lists, activities
Spy Party Activities

Upon arrival, the kids received:

Lanyard with Name Badge and Picture 
Fingerprint Card
Confidential Folder with Their Paperwork
List of included activities and descriptions:

1.  Secret Agent Codename Assignments - Each child drew a fun adjective from one bowl and a cool noun from the other to find their codename.  Adjective examples are: Sparkling, Crafty, Happy, etc.  Noun examples are Unicorn, Fox, Acrobat, etc.

2.  Secret Agent ID Badge - Each child wrote their secret agent codename on their pre-printed badge.

3.  Secret Agent Fingerprint Record Card - Each child recorded their fingerprints.

4.  Secret Agent Background Check - Each child filled out a fun background check I created that asked questions like, favorite color, favorite animal, if you wrote a book what would it be about, etc.

5.  Make "Hot on the Trail" Mix & Dine in NSTS (National Spy Training School) Dining Commons - Each child made their own popcorn/snack mix.

"Hot on the Trail" Mix Bar for Spy Party

6.  Learn to Collect Fingerprints - I taught each child how to collect fingerprints with cornstarch and a makeup brush.

7.  Design Secret Agent Disguise - Each child used a paper plate, art supplies and facial features that I printed from the computer to create a disguise.  It was adorable to see each of their personalities shine through their choices.

Create a spy disguise party activity

8.  Challenge Observation Skills - I created a tray of various spy related items and showed it to the girls for a certain amount of time, then took it away.  They had to write down the items they remembered.

9.  Test Your Laser Beam Maneuvering Capabilities - We played Chronobomb.  It can be found where toys are sold.  For a home version, you can set up strings with bells attached in a laser type pattern and time the kids.  Add to their time each time a bell rings.

10.  Escape From Captivity - We played Operation Escape Room as their final challenge.  This can also be found where toys are sold.

11.  Spy Word Search Activity Sheet

12.  Graduation - For the grand finale, we performed a graduation including Certificates of Completion and their goodie bags.

Goodie Bags

Spy Themed Party Goodie Bags

A Dollar Tree Black Plastic Tool Box with a Mission Accomplished Label:

Evidence Collection Bag       
Fingerprint Powder                 
Fingerprint Brush
Invisible Pen                           
Stamp Pad
Spy Glasses                           
Fake Mustaches

This party was so much fun, and the kids had a great time!  Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you with a spy party of your own.  It's truly amazing all of the spy related items you will find around the house.

Celebrate Life!


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