3D Flower Art Card

Card with 3D flowers in yellow vase

All over pinterest, I have been seeing 3D flower art.  So, when I wanted to make a special thank you card for an amazing friend, I knew that I wanted to try the 3D flower art for myself.  Here is a look at my take on this current trend.

3D Flower Art Supplies

3D Flower Art Supplies

Mini Cardboard Canvas
Straight Edge Cutting Tool
3 Paint Colors of Choice
1 Small Artificial Flower Grouping
Painting Supplies
Letter Stickers
Decorative Tape, like Washi or Scotch Expressions

Step 1

Sketch a vase and table with a pencil.

3D Flower Art Project by HomeMadeville

Step 2

Use straight edge blade to slit open the top of the vase.

Step 3

Paint the wall, table, and vase in different colors.

"Thanks a Bunch" 3D Flower Card by HomeMadeville

Step 4

Stick flowers into slit.  Add decorative tape to the back to hold it in place.

Step 5

Add letter stickers to say whatever you like.  I went for "Thanks a Bunch."

3D Flower Art Card by HomeMadeville

You can personalize the back or add an additional note to express your heartfelt gratitude.  This makes for a great gift for a teacher, parent, friend, co-worker, or another special person in your life.

Happy Crafting!


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