Picnic Perfect Proposal

Picnic Perfect Proposal

Finding the perfect proposal is an art form...and so is this picnic perfect proposal that incorporates an art activity, cheese tray, and delicious drinks.  It's how my husband proposed to me many years ago.  It's a winning engagement tale, and this picnic basket set sponsored by Wayfair makes it even better!

When Wayfair asked me to create a "Life's a Picnic" post using one of their picnic sets, I knew immediately that it was a great way to share my amazing engagement story from many years ago.  My boyfriend, at the time, said we were going on a picnic.  He brought a delicious cheese tray with all the accoutrements necessary for a delightful morning at the park.

Cheese Tray with Accoutrementes

He also brought wooden travel easels, paints, canvases, and paintbrushes.  He said that while we dined we would back our canvases to each other and paint a masterpiece.  At the end, we would reveal our paintings to each other.

Art Activity Picnic Proposal

I was ecstatic to see what he had painted for me -- "I Love You.  Will You Marry Me?"  Complete with ring in hand, bent down on one knee.

Will You Marry Me? Painting Picnic Proposal

He was so smart, he even had an appointment for me to get my nails done afterward because he knew I would be showing off my new accessory.  

Art Proposal

A Picnic Perfect Proposal for an Artsy Girl.

It was an awesome day!!  And it all started with the perfect picnic.

And we've lived happily ever after! 


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