Acts of Encouragement: Be Intentional about Encouraging Others.

Encouragement is a common word, maybe you use it on a regular basis, but have you ever stopped to truly define it?

Merriam Webster’s online dictionary says,   

Encouragement is "the ACT of Giving HOPE or CONFIDENCE."

Think about that for a moment.  You, through encouragement, have the POWER to give someone hope or confidence!

How often do you encourage others?

In your mind, maybe you are thinking of that time your friend told you that she was having a hard time, and you encouraged her to keep going...Or maybe when your child’s teacher did something that made a difference for your child, you emailed him to thank him.  If you’re like me, you remember these moments because you felt good about them.  You felt good that you could bring "Hope or Confidence” to someone.

So, why don’t we encourage others more?

We often think, “when someone needs encouraging, I will.”  The problem is, we don’t always know when someone needs encouragement, and even when we do, we aren’t quite sure how TO encourage them.  That’s why we need to be intentional about encouraging others — we need to make a commitment.  Maybe we start slow...try to encourage someone once a month, or once a week...or maybe we make it our mission to encourage someone once a day or multiple times a day.  It really doesn’t matter what time frame you set because what I have noticed in my own life is once we start encouraging others, it becomes easier.  Once we FEEL how awesome it feels, we can’t wait to do it again.  Once we start looking for ways to encourage one, we starting seeing ways to encourage others.

Encouragement comes in many forms:

Planning Parties
Creating a Home
Giving Gifts
Making Meals
Finding Fun Activities
Supporting Someone through Illness or Grief
Writing Notes for Others

And all of the other things that you can find here at HomeMadeville - "Your Place for HomeMade Inspiration."  So, if you are looking for new, creative ways to give hope, confidence and encouragement to others, subscribe below for our monthly encouragement newsletter.


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