Baker's Boxes as Seen on Atlanta & Company

Niki setting up for Baker's Box segment on Atlanta & Company

          On Tuesday, I did another segment for Atlanta & Company.  Four years ago I went back to school to complete my Broadcast Journalism degree because I love to creatively tell a story that will encourage and inspire.  The fact that I now have so many opportunities to couple that passion for communication with some of my other favorites in life, like DIY and crafting is "the icing on the cake."  Just follow along while I show host, Christine Pullara, how to create these decadent looking cake-inspired gift boxes.


Baker's Box Tutorial


Cake Inspired Baker's Boxes for Atlanta & Company


          For this segment, I created what I call "Baker's Boxes".  They are cake-style gift boxes.  Although I was inspired by those who love to bake, and the ones who love those who love to bake, these gift boxes can be used for any gift of love.  Kids are delighted by their delicious look, and as you will see in the video, the recipe box is an ideal gift to pass down from one generation to the next, or for a bride-to-be.

How to Make Baker's Boxes

1.  Pick a cardboard or wooden box to use as your creative gift box.

2.  Paint each box with acrylic craft paints.

3.  Create the cake-inspired design of your choice with Collage Clay!  If you haven't heard of collage clay, it is a craft clay that allows you to create an icing look that will harden permanently.  Atlanta & Company's host, Christine Pullara is so funny!  I was so glad she asked the question -- no, you can't eat it. You can checkout one of my previous posts about Collage Clay here: Collage Clay Cabinet Knobs.

I recommend that you practice your collage clay designs on wax paper to ensure you get the finished look that you are hoping to achieve.  You can then pipe the collage clay directly to the box or prepare them on the wax paper, peel them off, and hot glue them to their ultimate location.

4.  While your collage clay is still wet, embellish with glitter, beads, trinkets, and more.

5.  Let the Collage Clay dry according to the package directions.

To see just a few ways I used the collage clay, checkout my Atlanta & Company segment above.

Baker's Boxes using Collage Clay

As always, please let me know if you have any questions about my project or the products I used to create the baker's boxes.

Happy Crafting!



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