Orange, Green & Yellow Butterfly Party

Bright & Cheery Party Decor

The end of the school year is always busy, busy!  So, this year when another mom and I were put in charge of decorating for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, we began brainstorming what we could do in a short amount of time.  We realized we each had things on hand that could be combined into a bright and cheery luncheon.

Vase & Butterfly Party Decor

Hannah had thrown a sweet sixteen party using vases, butterflies, flowers and feathers in green, orange and yellow.

Orange, Green & Yellow Party Decor

I had decorated for a couple parties using birdbaths and flowers with bright yellow circle placemats.

Bright & Cheery Butterfly and Flower Party Decor

We even had colorful butterflies hanging from the ceiling.

hanging butterfly party decor

It was really exciting when we saw that it was all going to work so well together. The teachers loved it too!

Luncheon Decor

So, next time you need to plan something quickly, think about things you already have on hand.  You just might find you have everything you need.

Have a Great Summer!!



Anonymous said...

What a creative party theme. I love the green, orange, and yellow color combination.

Erin Spain said...

Super cute! Love the vibrant colors!

-Erin @ DIY on the Cheap