New Bathroom Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling Before Makeover

Do you have a popcorn ceiling that must go?  It just might be easier to handle than you think.

My bathroom ceiling had popcorn ceiling that was starting to peel off around the vents.  I wasn't quite sure what to do about it.  I started out by buying one of those "popcorn ceiling" cans that you can just spray on, but it just didn't seem to work like I expected.  So, I decided I had to just remove it and paint the ceiling instead.

Scraped Popcorn Ceiling

I started by scraping the popcorn ceiling.  For this part, don't forget to USE GOGGLES to protect your eyes from all of those little particles.  It was super easy for me to scrape because mine had not been primed underneath.  Note: you will need to sand any primed portions or places where they smoothed out nails or seams, like the spots and stripes  above.

Also note: Looking up at the ceiling will bother your neck, so plan on some breaks to ease your neck...this is by far the hardest part of the job. :)

Popcorn Ceiling Removed and Painted

Last, paint your ceiling the color of your choice, and your ceiling will look amazing!!

The Painted Bathroom Ceiling Looks Amazing.

Hope Your Project is a Success!!


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