Your Home's First Impression - Front Porch Makeover

Porch Makeover

Around here, we are getting ready to put our house on the market and start down the road to selling our home.  Since so much of my time is being spent "sprucing up the place," I thought I would share the transformation with all of you.  Since I am a real estate agent, I thought it might be a fun way for me to share some of my home selling knowledge.

Just like with anything else, your home's first impression sets the tone.

Cracking old front porch

Over time, the concrete on our front porch had started cracking.  We knew we had to fix this problem whether we were staying or going.  So we had a concrete crew come in and completely demolish the old and fill with rocks and broken concrete.  (Sorry for the blurry picture taken through the window screen.)

Inside of Porch Filled with Concrete Rocks

 Next, they poured a new porch...What a difference!

Newly Paved Front Porch

But we weren't done there.  In order to give our front porch that first impression WOW! factor, I had to add a pop of color that would welcome all of the new home buyers who would be visiting.  I added an outdoor rug, chair, pillow, basket, a frog (in the basket), and a front door wreath.  (Wreath tutorial can be found by clicking here.)

Front Porch Makeover - Ready for New Home Buyers

Below is a shot of the porch on the left side of the door...just couldn't leave it plain.

Other Side of Porch Makeover

In the picture above, you can kind of see how dirty the siding was.  I just took a bucket of water with dish soap and hand washed the porch siding clean...it made such a HUGE difference.

I feel like it is a much better first impression for our prospective buyers and guests alike.  Here's hoping they love the transformation as much as I do!

Happy Decorating!


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Jill said...

Looks great! I love that rug!!

Alaya said...

Wow, what a difference! I love the transformation!

Christy @ Our Southern Home said...

Awesome tips! Beautiful end result!!! Featuring as my picks from the Swing Into Spring party!! ~Christy