Dollar Store Sock into a St. Patrick's Burp Cloth

Dollar Store Sock into Burp Cloth
Dollar Store Sock into Burp Cloth

Even baby needs a festive St. Patty's day accessory!! 

My local Dollar Tree had some adorable little St. Patrick's day socks, which were my inspiration.

St. Patrick's Day Sock from Dollar Tree

1.  Sew a piece of ribbon to the bottom of the burp cloth, if desired.

2.  Cut the top and bottom off of the sock.

Dollar Store Sock to Burp Cloth - Cut off top & bottom

3.  Make a cut down the center of the back, so that sock will be a rectangle, rather than an arm band shape.  Note: the sock will curl up at this point, but that is OK.  Once it is sewn, that curl will give you that nifty, rough edge.

Note:  I did not trim to size until after I sewed the patch in place.

4.  Begin sewing the sock to the burp cloth.  I hand stitched so that I would have full control and be able to keep the sock straight.  However, a good seamstress could probably do that with a sewing machine....but good seamstress, I am not. :)

5.  Sew all four edges.

6.  Trim edges.  I left about 1/4 to 1/2 inch beyond the seam.


Burp Cloth Made from Dollar Store Sock

 Now your favorite baby is ready to celebrate the Luck O' the Irish with their very own burp cloth!

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Carolina said...

I love dollar tree crafts, and this is such a clever idea! Sewing on stretchy fabrics is so tricky - I might iron some stabilizer to the back first so that it won't stretch while sewing. :)

Carissa B said...

it would have never occured to me to use a sock to make a burp cloth! What a great idea