Easter Egg Wreath Makeover Tutorial

Easter Egg Wreath Makeover Tutorial

 Easter Egg Wreath Makeover

We've all seen those wreaths that are made with Styrofoam eggs.  I had one that I bought at  Target last year, but I felt it needed a little love to jazz it up.  Below, you will find how I did it, and links to some other great Easter egg projects.

How to give your Easter egg wreath a quick makeover

1.  I started by making a bow and putting a little butterfly sticker in the center.

Make bow for Easter Wreath

2.  Next, I cut scrapbook paper to size and added it as the background.

3.  I added a pink feather boa around the edge of the wreath and tucked it under itself so it would stay tight.

Wreath Tutorial Step 3 - Add Pink Boa

4.  I added a ribbon to the back for hanging.

Then my wreath was complete!!

Easter Egg Wreath

I hope my little Easter egg wreath inspires you to look beyond the simple wreath before you and think of ways to add glam to your front door.

Happy Crafting!


*Thanks Barbara @ Chase the Star for featuring the wreath!  


  1. My inner 10 year old is totally geeking out at the use of the feather boa - and the idea to add a background is genius!

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  3. Great makeover, I especially love the feather boa that you worked into it!

  4. Very cute! I haven't done any Easter projects yet.. maybe I'll have to make a wreath look snazzy! Thanks for the inspiration.

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  5. Love this makeover - the boa just makes it perfect!


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