Door Bell Update

Door Bell Before & After

Have you ever grown attached to something in your home even though you hated the way it looked?

Maybe it was something that had been in your family for years, or even something that just served a purpose and you kept it around for that reason.  Well, that's exactly what happened with me and the little red bell you see above.  When I was single, living out on my own, my mom handed down some of her old Christmas decorations.  I particularly loved the door bell because not only was it a hand-me-down from my mom, grandmother and maybe even great grandmother, but it was also my home's security system.  You see, since I lived alone, I always knew if someone came through the front door because I would hear the bell ring.  Unfortunately, it meant that I left this little Christmas bell on my door year round.  Yes, I allowed a Christmas bell to be the last thing my guests saw before leaving my house.  Anyway, I decided to give my favorite little door accessory a little makeover!

Updated Door Bell

Here's how I did it:

Supplies for Door Bell Makeover

1.  I removed the mistletoe and Christmas Ribbon.

2.  I spray painted the door bell gray to match my living room.  I made sure to cover the rope so it wouldn't get painted too.

3.  After the paint dried, I attached the clear stickers you see in the picture above.

4.  I used a ribbon to hang one of the skeleton keys you see above.

5.  For my final step, I tied a black bow around the top of the bell.

New Door Bell
Now, I can proudly display my door bell!  It still has the same meaning and memories.  It still serves it's same functional purpose, and it matches my living room.

I hope this little project will inspire you to find that thing around your home that is serving a great purpose, but in need of a little sprucing up.  Just think of ways you too can make it something you can proudly display.

Happy Crafting!


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