DIY Didn't I Think of This Sooner

Don't you just love the "Ah-ha" moment!  Sometimes it's using an everyday item that the rest of the world has been using for years, or sometimes it is using something in a new and different way.  Either way, it's usually something that was right in front of you all along.  So when Wayfair invited me to join in on their "DIY Didin't I Think of This Sooner?" sponsored campaign, I knew that I could come up with a list of those moments...so here are just a few.

DIY Placemat Pillow

1.  Using a placemat to decorate a pillow.

*You can see the complete tutorial at my DIY Pillow Makeover Post. .

Car Charger Holder from Umbrella Cover

2.  Using an umbrella cover in my car to hold my cell phone charger.

Mason Jar Cake plate

3.  Creating a cake plate from a mason jar.

 *You can learn more in my DIY Mason Jar Cake plate Post.
Ribbon Organization

4.  Using a tension rod to hold ribbons in my craft closet.

Laundry Organization

5.  Labeling laundry baskets for stains and hand washing in the laundry area.

*Learn more in my DIY Laundry Space Post.

Tablecloth Weights as Drawer Labels

6.  Using tablecloth weights as dry erase labels for drawers.

*Learn more in my Craft Organization Post.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to look at things in a different way, so that you too will have some new "Ah-ha" moments.


Jamie Tomkins said...

What great ideas!! I love the cell phone holder...might have to try that one out! :)

Niki said...

Thanks so much, Jamie. It makes my car life much easier. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

Jamie&Morgan Molitor said...

That is adorable!! So cute!

Rachel Teodoro said...

So many great life hacks. I love the one for the laundry. I am totally going to try that!