How to stencil a candle with sand and Mod Podge

Plain candle with Candle that has sand stenciled on in a pattern
Sand Stenciled Candle Before and After

I have to confess, I love taking what I already have on hand and making it better.  So, I was really excited when Amy from Mod Podge Rocks sent me some of her new adhesive stencils to try.  I immediately started thinking of things that I could transform.  I finally decided on my plain ol' tapered candles.

Sand Stenciled Candle

Since the stencils are made for mod podging things like glitter, I decided to use some chocolate-colored sand that I had left over from my wedding...I knew it would come in handy!!

So here's how you do it:

Supplies needed for stenciled candle


Mod Podge Rocks Stencil
Mod Podge

Adhere the stencil and sponge on the Mod Podge

1.  Adhere the stencil to the candle.

2.  Sponge the Mod Podge into the holes on the stencil.

Add Sand to Mod Podged Candle

3.  Remove stencil.  This part is important.  On another project I forgot to remove the stencil, and it didn't work quite as well.

4.  Put the sand (or glitter) on the Mod Podge.  It is recommended to use a puffer to shoot the sand onto the Mod Podge, but since I didn't have one, I went old school and pinched and sprinkled.

5.  Let dry.

Before and After Stenciled Candle

6.  Brush away the excess sand.

Just like that, you're candle is transformed from plain to pretty!

Such an easy, quick craft.  I have a feeling kids would love doing this too, so pick something to stencil and have FUN!!

Happy Crafting & Stenciling!



Jenna said...

I love this! Would have never thought to use sand!

Gretchen said...

super cute! and so quick and favorite kind of craft :)

Amy Anderson said...

Love this idea - thank you so much - it's so pretty!