DIY Monogrammed Card Holder: No Machine Needed

Card holder embroidered with baker's twine
DIY Monogrammed Business or Gift Card Holder

Having an embroidery machine is not the only way to monogram.  Today, I want to show you how you can easily transform a fabric business or gift card holder into a personalized gift, using baker's twine.

card holder with name monogrammed in baker's twine
How to Personalized a Card Holder Using Baker's Twine

I love personalizing the gifts I give to others.  That's why when I had a few gift cards to send, I started thinking of ways that I could make them unique.  Since I don't have an embroidery machine, I came up with a really easy way to monogram using Baker's twine.

Supplies Needed

Fabric Card Holders
Baker's Twine

Stencil, crayon, fabric card holders, baker's twine and needle
Supplies needed to monogram without an embroidery machine

Step One

Use a stencil and crayon to outline the location you want for the name or monogram.

fabric card holder with name written on it in crayon
Outline your monogram using crayon

Step Two

Thread baker's twine into sewing needle.  Note: The twine is thicker than thread, so you need a needle with a bigger eye.  Wetting the end of the twine can help stiffen the thread to get it in the eye.

Step Three

Begin threading.

A.  Start from the inside of the card holder.

B.  It is best to come out at one point and go back in the other.  It is more cohesive than to thread in and out on one line.

C.  Make sure you end a letter going back inside the cardholder so that you can begin the next letter from the inside going out.

A gift card holder with name monogrammed with baker's twine.
Monogrammed Gift Card Holder

Your gift card holder is complete and ready to give!  The best part is, the gift card holder can be upcycled as a business or credit card holder.

What a great gift!  Perfect for any occasion: thank you, teacher appreciation, mother's day, name it!

Let me know if you make one!  I would LOVE to see it.

Happy Crafting!!

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Amy Anderson said...

SO cute! I love mine! :D

Unknown said...

I have to tell you how gorgeous this simple monogram is. What a perfect piece to place on your front door. And SO creative. I have never seen anything like this! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share! I appreciate the support!