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Last month, I pointed out a simple, and I mean simple, way to organize all those store discount cards so that they would not only be out of your wallet, but would be easily found and not weigh down your keys.  You can catch up with it here.  Since then, that post has been making it's way around Pinterest.  Others have commented and made the suggestion of using a keyring app for your cell phone.

keyring apps to store all those store discount cards

I happen to be a little more cautious than the average bear when it comes to online safety, so I choose not to download the app and just stick to my original method.  However, knowing that my Pinterest peeps were so curious about the apps available for their phones, I decided to help them out.  Here are three cell phone apps that will eliminate those cards completely and store all of the information you need (and sometimes more) so that you can save as you shop.  (Click the app name to visit the website.)


3.5 Stars on Android Play with 1,599 reviews

*Stores discount cards
*Available for Android, iPhone & Blackberry

Keyring App

4 stars on Android Play with 26,331 reviews

*Stores cards
*Allows you to enroll in new loyalty programs
*Gives access to exclusive coupons and discounts
*Available for Android, iPhone, Windows & Blackberry


4.5 Stars on Android Play with 5,643 reviews

*Stores cards
*Free with no ads
*Finds new loyalty cards with use of geolocation
*Available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows & Many Others

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Like I said before, I do not use an app, so I do not have any personal experience and am not making recommendations, just merely answering some questions that have arisen on my post's pins.  I have read that some store scanners are not able to read the barcodes and, therefore, the number must be keyed in by the cashier.

If you have any experience with a loyalty card app, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Hope this helps!  Happy Shopping!! 



jmmonroe said...

I did the key ring idea about a mos ago and love it so much more convenient

Niki said...
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Niki said...

Awesome! Did you do an app? If so, which one...or you did like me and put them on one keyring?

Thanks for stopping by!!


jmmonroe said...

Hey Niki, I just did the hole punching and the key ring