DIY Canvas Bag with Iron-On Transfer

Canvas tote bags with transferred images using iron on transfer paper.
DIY Canvas Tote - Image Transfer

Hello, all you busy people!

Today, I am going to show you how to make a DIY canvas bag in a flash; it's a gift that can be personalized for that special touch that shows just how much you care.  And since teacher appreciation is just around the corner, you just might want to consider this quick, easy, and affordable bag as a sign of your appreciation.  Bonus: this teacher appreciation gift can be made for less than $10!!

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Adorable Tote with Vintage Elephant Printable
Personlized Tote that can be made in a flash

DIY Canvas Tote Using Iron-On Transfer

Canvas Tote Bag
Iron-On Transfer Paper
Printable Graphics of Your Choice

1. Choose Graphic and Edit.  Find a graphic and copy and paste (or save) it into the document creator of your choice.  I used iPages.  I found mine on Graphics Fairy and 36th Avenue.

2.  Reverse Image Before Printing.  This step is extremely important for text.  You need to reverse the image before printing so the words won't be backwards when you iron them on to your tote.  See the video below for a detailed tutorial.

Vintage Elephant Tote for a Teacher Appreciation Gift

3.  Iron the Image onto Your Tote.  See the video below for a more detailed description of how to do this.

4.  Let the Image Cool Before Peeling the Transfer Paper.  Testing one corner, after it cools will help you know if the image has completely transferred over.  If the image is peeling off with the paper, lay the corner back down and continue ironing.

This simple, yet cheap gift is ready to go.  Whether you are making it for a friend, relative, or teacher, this tote bag is sure to make the recipient feel special.  They will have a practical gift that will remind them of you.

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