Easy Monogrammed Ring in 15 Minutes or Less

Monogrammed Ring in 15 Minutes or Less

If you consider yourself a crafty person, then you probably know what it is like to have an urge to get creative, yet not know where to find the time to squeeze in a little project.  Last year, I joined Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage and Carolina @ 30 minute crafts for Craft Lightning -- crafts in 15 minutes or less.  You can read that post here: Embellished Hair Accessories.  Today, I am joining them for another round!  Since accessories are easy to craft in 15 minutes or less, I decided to create a monogrammed ring for today's crafty quickie.

Some of the supplies needed for making a monogrammed ring.

Supplies Needed

Sharpie Paint Pen
Regular Sharpie (optional)

How to create a Monogrammed Ring in 15 minutes or less.

Step 1 - Prepare Ring for Embellishment

I started with a pom ring that I bought at Michael's for less than a dollar.  So, I had to remove the pom.  As you can see on the right, the top of the ring had a metal lip around it with a cotton pad on top.

Step 2 - Glue a Large Jewel to the Ring

Because of the metal lip, I used wood glue to add my jewel because it would expand as needed to fill the inner area.

Monogram Ring with Sharpie Paint Pen

Step 3 - Monogram Ring with Sharpie Paint Pen

I discovered the Sharpie Paint Pen when I was standing in line at an office store.  I knew I had to buy one and try it out.  I decided to use silver for this project, but they come in a variety of colors.

Ring after First Layer of Monogramming

Step 4  Option - Outline Monogrammed Initial with Sharpie

As an additional option, you can add a second layer to your monogram by outlining the initial with a regular fine tip Sharpie.

Monogrammed Ring in 15 minutes or less using Sharpie Paint Pen

I love personalized items! 

Hopefully this shows you that you can get those creative juices flowing, even if you only have just a few minutes to craft.  I hope you will go check out all of the other Craft Lightning posts over at The Country Chic Cottage and 30 Minute Crafts.

I was featured:

Happy Crafting!!



Bonnie @ Uncommon Designs said...

Super cute and quick Niki! Love it!

Erin Sipes said...

You can have a lot of fun with this idea! I have a few buttons I think I might be able to use for this project! said...

SO cute!

Jae said...

I love monogrammed things too. Great idea.

malia said...

Really cute idea! And a fast craft is always fun!

Karen Cooper said...

What a great idea! So cute! I love your blog and its design.

Niki said...

Great Idea, Erin!!

Niki said...

Thanks, Everyone!!

Niki said...

Thanks, Karen! I designed it myself...and have no idea what I am doing, so thanks...that REALLY means A LOT!!

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Nikki this is a fast fun project. I like that anyone can make this for themselves or as a gift. No wonder it was featured!!

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

How cute and fun! I love a quick & easy project!