Homemade Valentines using Wax Candy Drinks plus Free Printable

Homemade Valentine with Wax Drink Candy

This year, I wanted to make homemade valentines for my daughter's class.  I decided since those wax candy drinks are her favorite type of candy, like they were mine at her age, they were the perfect choice!  I thought about catch phrases, and finally decided on "Cheers to a Fabulous Friendship!" and "Cheers to a Fabulous Teacher!"

Homemade Valentines with Wax Candy Drinks

Lucky for me, they had the 10 packs at my local Dollar Tree.  Four drinks fit perfectly inside the cellophane wrappers, so I just used scissors to cut them.

Below is the graphic I created for the top label.  Feel free to download for your own personal use.

Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Week!! 



Sara @ said...

These are really cute! I remember loving those when I was younger. I tried them in my adult-hood and almost gagged, lol.

Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. said...

Love these! I agree with Sara, loved them as a kid. Hate them as an adult...LOL