Retirement Gift

 Retirement Gift Basket - Mint themed and colored items in a basket with a tag that says, "Enjoy Your Retire MINT"

When someone retires, it is certainly an occasion worth celebrating.  It is an end to their labor of love in the office and the beginning of new possibilities.  It's sometimes a bittersweet occasion as the retiree says goodbye to people they love, knowing they won't see them as often.  For you, it is an opportunity to show you care, you see them, and you want to help them celebrate.

Whether the person retiring is male or female, a mint-themed basket of goodies with a tag that says, "Enjoy Your Retire-Mint" is a punny, simple, and affordable way to acknowledge the moment.

Enjoy Your Retire-MINT tag for mint themed basket

For the basket, I created this "Enjoy Your Retire-MINT' tag.  It could also be used with a mint plant, a pack of gum, or another individual mint flavored item.

So, who do you know who is retiring?  Maybe this simple gift is just the right thing to show you care.

With Cheer,


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