Celebrate Baby: DIY Diaper Cakes

Deciding on what to give for a baby gift can be almost impossible.  Everything is adorable, but if you are like me, you always want something personalized, precious, yet practical.  Lately, I have found that a DIY diaper cake is a great go-to option.

It's so easy to create a design that will reflect the recipient.  It's sure to bring joy, whether you are creating a jungle theme to match the nursery of a sweet little boy or a bunny and book theme for a "hoppy" little girl and her mom who is an avid reader.  The basics are the same, but the touches can be specialized to their interests and style.

How to Make a DIY Diaper Cake for Baby Gift

1.  When making a diaper cake, you can start with a thin, tall round box to make it super easy -- think wine or popcorn gift box.  It's fun to add goodies inside too.  For the base, I usually use a clear Dollar Tree Tray.  You can add paper or other things to the bottom if it needs more.

2.  Wrap the diapers around the box.  I like to get size 3 diapers because it keeps them from having to tear it apart immediately if they want to display it, the bigger size is probably easier to work with for diaper cake building, and people tend to get more small diapers (because aren't they just the cutest!).

3.  Hold the diapers together with a large rubber band, then wrap the ribbon of choice around it to cover the rubber band.

4. Decorate! This is the fun part. 


What to Include in a DIY Diaper Cake for Baby Gift

Here are a few ideas:

Shoes or toys make great toppers.

Hairbows, faux plants & flowers, fur, stickers and beads are great accessory options.

Other gift items can be added in as decor or inside the center box.  For example, the bunny cake above has a baby picnic blanket inside and a soft baby book (more details on how I made it special later) and booties on the outside.  The jungle cake has onesies, a kids book and other accessories on the inside and a baby wooden cross on the front.

The diaper cakes have been a total hit and were surprisingly simple to make.  They also look great as decorations at the baby shower or in the nursery.  

It's always fun to share in the joy of a new bundle of joy!  If you have questions, feel free to reach out, or I would love to hear any special touches you have used to make your diaper cakes special.

If you would like to see how I created the personalized baby book on the bunny cake, checkout that post here.

Happy Crafting!


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