Friday, December 19, 2014

Kid Crafts: Creative Gifts for Kids and Tweens

If you have a kid or tween that loves being creative, then I have the perfect gift idea for them.

Amanda from Crafts by Amanda has two amazing books that make ideal gifts to inspire kids to create: Duct Tape Mania and Rubber Band Mania.  She so kindly gave me one of each in exchange for telling you about them -- What a deal!!  I love sharing fun finds and opinions. :)  These books have SO many easy and fun ideas, so I thought I would share one of her fabulous tutorials with you today, so you could see just how cool these projects really are.

So, without further delay...

Bracelet made with tape roll and duct tape
Kids Craft: Duct Tape Bracelet

Duct Tape Roll Bangle and Cuff Bracelet

When you finish off a roll of tape, don’t toss out that cardboard roll. Instead, make fun bangles and cuff bracelets to wear to school or hanging out with your friends! 

What you need:
Empty tape roll
Duct tape your favorite colors and patterns
Craft knife

What you do for cuff bracelets:

Use craft knife to cut out a 3-inch section of the empty cardboard roll.

Cover the cardboard cuff with duct tape. 

Use other colors of duct tape to decorate the cuff.

For a fun decoration, create a braid from three colors of duct tape. Cut a strip of tape the same length as the cuff and roll it up, sticky side out. Stick it to the cuff then stick the braid to the sticky tape. 

Trim ends of braid and secure down to the ends of the cuff, using the same color tape as the base of the cuff bracelet. 

This is a gift that is sure to please, and it will give the kids something to do besides watch tv and play video games.  If you are interessted in purchasing one or both, they are available on Amazon.

Happy Crafting!!


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Candy Cane Christmas Wreath Series for the series

Holiday Wreath Series with Jill at

Today, I am guest posting over at the Create. Craft. Love Christmas wreath series.  I am so happy to be joining all of the other bloggers as we show off some of our own Christmas wreath creations.  I can give you a little teaser here today, but to find out how I made this incredibly easy candy cane Christmas wreath, you'll have to head on over to Jill's blog, to get all the details.

See you over there!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Home Decor: Lighting with Chandeliers, Lamps & More plus a Wayfair Lighting Coupon

Foyer with Pendant Shade Light Fixture and Mirror Wall Gallery

 This post is sponsored by Wayfair.

Lighting can make such an impact in a room.  The surprising fact is that it is an area of home decor that is often overlooked.  We recently moved into a new home, and one of the first things that people compliment is the lighting in our home.  Whether it's a chandelier, pendant light, fan or a vintage bulb, the light fixtures grab our guests' attention.  Today, I want to give you a little "lighting tour" inside our new home AND as a thank you for joining me for the tour, Wayfair is offering a coupon that you can use for your own lighting purchase.

Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Black & Gold Decorative Nesting Boxes for Under $10: Nautical Inspiration

Black and Gold Decorative Nesting Boxes with Nautical Theme
Learn how to decorate a paper mache box with this craft tutorial.

*This post is sponsored by Consumer Crafts, but the ideas, opinions and designs are mine.

Create your own decorative box set for less than $10

Decorating my new home has been so much fun!  I love decorating and re-decorating the shelves and built ins.  Decorative boxes make for awesome shelf accents because they are so functional.  They look pretty, can be modified to suit any decor, and they are the perfect way to keep things organized.  I love personalizing each decorative box and making it unique.  Nesting boxes can be placed on top of each other or scattered throughout a shelving unit.