Easy, Beautiful Scrapbooking with Project Life

Easy, Beautiful Scrapbooking

{This post is part of a paid campaign.  However, my LOVE for Project Life is real.  I have been drooling over them for months!!  They totally Rock!}
Don't you just LOVE it when you find a new product that is totally awesome AND solves a problem for you?  I sure do!  Today, I want to tell you about a crafty product that has solved a huge problem for me...and will for you too.  The amazing product is Project Life.  So, you might be wondering what problem they solved for me.  It was my scrapbooking dilemma.  I LOVE a beautiful scrapbook that displays your pictures, tickets, souveniers, etc.  However, I just can't ever seem to find the time to make them.  I don't know if I just take too many pictures and have my hand in too many pots (blogging, room mom, career, schooling, house keeping, other crafting whims, and a million other things) OR if I just want each page to be perfect and so I spend HOURS trying to get it to meet that standard.   Either way, I want a beautiful scrapbook (preferably without having to cut my pictures) that doesn't take me 3 months to complete...and THAT is what Project Life has done for me.

Scrapbook Creation Made EASY & beautiful with Project Life

You see, Becky Higgins created a system where all you need is a binder, the PL photo pocket pages, and one of their adorable PL core kits.  All you have to do is add your photos, and your photo memories are preserved...beautifully.  Note: you don't need adhesive, scissors, embellishments, etc. Yay!

You can find the Project Life products at Michaels, including 2 sets that are exclusive to Michaels - Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic Core Kit (you can checkout my previous step stool post or my document holder post to see a sample of some 5th & Frolic supplies that bear a striking resemblance to the ones available with Project Life) & The Vintage Travel Core Kit (which you is what you see in this post).

Past Projects using 5th & Frolic Scrapbook Supplies

Once you open your core kit, you will see how fun and hip the cards are!!  I love how the Project Life pages have clean lines, yet each card is different and causes your eye to jump around the page.  It shows how well designed this system is.  Plus, many of the cards give you a space to write in locations, details, etc about the pictures in your scrapbook - just another way to preserve those memories.

Project Life Travel Core Cards

I wanted the travel line, because I have so many trips that we have taken as a family that I haven't had the chance to document yet.  So, after MANY years of marriage, I decided to start with the beginning - Our Honeymoon in ARUBA!

Our Honeymoon Scrapbook Pages

So, whether you are a seasoned "scrapper" or a scrapbooking newbie, you will love the simple, easy way that you can preserve those memorable moments with Project Life.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Come back to visit too because I am sure to be posting more pages that I have created with Project Life.

Project Life Page 1 Closeup

Project Life Page 2 Closeup

Happy Memory Making & Preserving!



Marty Walden said...

I'm an avid Project Lifer and I wish I'd known about this campaign! Who was it through?

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Great post + fab layout Miss N! Pinned!

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Love this Niki!