New table!

Bedroom Makeover

Happy fall! While y'all were getting wind this past weekend courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, I was getting snow.  Six whole inches of it!!  It was fun and it made the Christmas music I listened to even better!  A while back I bought an old side table from my favorite thrift store.  It looked like this....

Table Before Makeover

Well, not exactly like this because I always seem to forget to take pictures of things before, but it was extremely similar.  I gave it a fresh coat of paint with a little accent of color! I love the way it turned out.

DIY Table Makeover

Yay!  I love pops of color and this table is so refreshing.  The lamp is also a project I worked on.  I found the lamp outside of my apartment complex's dumpster.  It was ugly and brown so I did the fun Pinterest project where you spruce it up with coffee filters.  It took sooooooo long.  That many "o's" are indeed needed.  Here is a picture of my entire room.  I need to get rid of some nik-naks, but I like it for a college apartment bedroom.  My headboard was made by me.  They provided the bed frame but it didn't come with a headboard so I made one out of old barn shutters.

DIY Table & Lamp Makeover

Stay warm!



Niki said...

Abby, the table & bedroom look AMAZING!!! You have done such a GREAT job!! LOVE it!!!

Niki said...

Oh yeah...the lamp too!!

Anonymous said...
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