Computer Lab Bulletin Board

It's Back to School time all across the country.  Some are just getting prepared, and others have been in session for weeks.  Here at Homemadeville, it means our Summer Break is over and the posts should start rolling in again.  Since school seems to be a common theme all around, and I happen to do volunteer work at a local school, I thought I would kick off our new season of blogging with my computer room bulletin board.

Computer Lab Bulletin Board

At our school, the computer room doesn't actually have bulletin boards, but there is plenty of wall space that needs pizzazz.  I started out by thinking of words that are associated with computers, like network, web, online, click, mouse, etc.  Then I started thinking of ways they could be incorporated into room decor.  Since our computer lab just converted from plug in mice to wireless, I knew I could find a few to use with my "Click" decor.  (Please note: no mice were harmed in the decorating of this room.)  I used painter's tape to safely attach the paper goods to the wall without stripping the paint away.  For the mice, I stapled the cords to the wall (making sure to go around the cords not through them).  Then, I used painter's tape to secure the mice into the position I wanted.  The picture below gives a little closer view of the safari detail on the word "click", as well as the world locations featured below the wording.

Computer Room Bulletin Board Idea
Many of the students, teachers and parents have commented on how much they like the new decor, which is all I need to feel like my idea was a success.


Amanda said...

Sweet! Love this idea, will feature it on Craft Gossip in the next week or so :)

Unknown said...

I LOVE this idea! Where did you get all the world wide maps/brochures for a reasonable price? Thanks! :)