Store Discount Card Organization

How to Organize Store Discount Cards

Although I clip coupons on occassion, I am certainly not an extreme couponer.  However, I do have a huge collection of store discount cards.  I mean, why would I pay more than I have to, or decline a "reward" for what I am going to spend anyway?

The problem came when all of those cards started making my wallet look like this:

Wallet Full of Discount Cards

Thankfully, some of the stores offer smaller versions that fit on a key chain.  I had way too many to try to keep them with my keys, so I decided to have a ring designated just for discount cards.

Discount Card Organization Solution

Purse Hook Used to Hold keychain
It was exactly what I needed!  It seems like an obvious solution, but I haven't seen anyone else doing it.  To make it even more convenient, I attach it to the little hook inside my purse.  Then I can easily find it and hand it to the store clerk.

I hope this helpful hint will help you get all those discount cards organized and accessible so that you can spend more time shopping/saving and less time looking for your discount card.

To see a few apps that will help you organize them, check out this post: Loyalty Card Apps.

Happy Shopping!!


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Laura's Crafty Life said...

I do this with my store cards too! It is so convenient! :)

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

You are so smart--thanks!

Unknown said...

that's a great idea. Mine always get lost in my wallet, hehe.

Anonymous said...

If you have a smart phone, there's a key ring app for iPhone and android that keeps all your info, so you only have to carry around cards that don't have a bar code. I have 2 left. :-) Best, Mary

Anonymous said...

the best I have seen is a leather key holder. you just flip the right card out. The small cards.

Anonymous said...

I do this, too! I also have one for my larger credit card sized ones as well....just use a hole punch!