Picture Perfect Weekend

Chinese Plum Tree Poem Scroll

In order to jazz up our pad, I decided to finally hang some pictures that I have intended for our walls.  I was so happy with the change that I just had to give show them off.

The first are some family pictures that we had taken 3 years ago and I have had framed for over a year, yet just never actually made it to their rightful place.


The other is a Chinese plum tree poem scroll that was a gift to me from a Chinese student that I was tutoring in English.  It was a perfect fit for the landing at the bottom of our stairs.

Landing Before
Chinese Scroll After
They may be small additions, but they certainly make a big difference...and they make me smile each time I see them.

Hope you're having a productive weekend!!



Erin Sipes said...

It is such a satisfying feeling to finally get things on the wall, eventually I'll get my own art pieces up but until then I'll admire your handy work!

P.S. I love that scroll!

Unknown said...

Love the scroll - it looks like it was made for your landing! Nice before and after shots!