Laundry Room Makeover with Printables

Laundry Center Makeover

A while back I bought one of those three section laundry hampers thinking it would be the solution to my Laundry Room (or lack of Laundry Room) problems.  It provided a space for darks, lights & towels.  Unfortunately, it was consistently covered with items that didn't fall into those categories -- Handwash & Stain Removal.  So, I decided to remedy the problem with items I found at my local Dollar Tree and printables I made myself, which you can download at the bottom of this post.

Laundry Makeover How To

I bought 2 laundry baskets for $1/each and a pack of Incredible Hooks (J shaped), which I found are SO easy to use, also for $1.  I inserted 2 hooks into the wall per basket to keep it straight, then I placed the basket lip over the two hooks.  I attached the "Handwash" & "Remove Stain" printables with ribbon to match the room's color scheme.

Laundry Center - Remove Stain & Handwash Baskets

For the "Laundry" sign, I took basic clothes pins that I had on hand and super glued a flat thumb tack on the top of the back wooden piece.  I printed "LAUNDRY" in the font and color I wanted (hint: cardstock will work best) and carefully cut it out.  I put the letters inside the clothes pins and pushed them into the wall in the location where I needed them.  My de-cluttering mini laundry makeover was complete! 

Laundry Center After

For the laundry printable below, you can choose which of the two square sizes work best for your space. 

Laundry Printable  
Hope you Enjoy!! 


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Megan Cobb said...

Super cute, lady! Nice ideas!

Niki said...

Thanks So Much!! It was a lot of fun...and having a place for stains and handwash items has been GREAT!!

Jessie Gunderson said...

Handwash? Haha! Okay, I'm over it now. Despite my original giggle, I love this idea and your signs are adorable. Last month I hung up laundry letter similar to yours. Great minds think alike!

Ria said...

Love these Ideas! Great Job!!